Thursday, May 31, 2007


Andrew Eland is lead engineer on our maps products in Zurich, and he's giving the current presentation in the main room on new features in the Maps API.

The session began with a reminder of the current features available to users of the Google Maps API, for instance the drag and drop functionality, and the use of overlays. Directions and traffic information (in certain cities) are also available in the API.

Andrew also talked about the coming launch of AdSense for the Maps API. The marker on the map looks slightly different than the normal ones, and when clicked on show a sponsored link. Developers are allowed to chose whether they want ads on the map, and if so how many ads to display. Google created this to allow developers to monetise their mashups, and if users do click through, the revenue for that ad will be shared.

The bulk of the talk focused on the newly announced Mapplets. Andrew suggested there are two big problems with mashups at the moment: Firstly, users have to use multiple sites to find and use the information they want, for instance looking up the location of a hotel on a mashup, but then having to come back to Google Maps to get directions. Secondly, is that mashup developers have trouble driving traffic to their site.

A mapplet is a Google Maps API turned into a plugin for Google Maps. It allows developers to add their content directly onto Google Maps. This is good for them, as it increases exposure to the mashup, but also for the user. For example, rather than going to a separate site for booking hotels, there is now a mapplet available from a hotel information provider, which displays hotels markers on top of the map.

For more information, Andrew's presentation will be available as a YouTube video, or you can try it out yourself with this preview.

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Mapperz said...

At this seminar there a mention that Google Maps API had included UK Geocoding. In order to use the Adsense in the Google Map API this would be needed.
Can you clarify that UK Geocoding is available in the Google Maps API and Adsence for UK users and buisnesses using AdWords can now be Geotargeted.